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    Full Truck Load

    Shipments, with a full Truck Load, are transported in this category. We Serve all the Major and Minor Cities and Towns of the Country. We provide all types of trucks such as 16MT, 20MT, 24MT, 28MT and 34MT and smaller units are also available to be plied on all routes. Raw Material, finished goods and Secondary Distribution movements are dealt with utmost care. Direct trucks and trucks with Transshipment – Both options are available. Multi Modal options are available on select routes where in either Road-Rail-Road or Road-Sea-Road modes are chosen as per client’s choice.

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    Part Load

    This type of part load is specially unpacked material, we offer part loading of goods to serve. we rovide amazing opportunity to the customers who wants to supply the less material in small quantity to anywhere by our part load service.

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    This service is for those customers who want to transfer large amount of material with safe and secure delivery.

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    Our Vision

    Road Ifrastructure

    Railway Project

    Telecom Power Project

    Power Plant Project

    Cement Carriers

    Crusher Material

    Seasonal Food Supply

    Sugar Meal

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    Crossing Centre

    For the long distance we offer interconnected vehicle links to support our client for time management and quality service, improve their goods delivery sharp and fine. This is our great service which is never provided by other transport. we provide door to door delivery which is called crossing centre. we provide it by understanding customer's need.